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Want to be a part of Community Meal Share?

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Help coordinate meal deliveries

This is perhaps our main volunteering activity. It is also no easy task given the country’s fuel situation and the rising cost of everything. We are always looking for reliable volunteers who are ready to commit, take responsibility and support us in ensuring seamless meal delivery. Again, this is a big ask from anyone and we are forever grateful for those who volunteer to deliver meals from the kitchen/restaurant to the community or even to another volunteer.

Help with admin, finance, operations, marketing etc

Sometimes volunteering isn’t necessarily about being on the ground. For us to be on the ground and get a meal run going, there is a lot of work that goes behind the scenes to make it happen! So if you’ve always wanted to volunteer but cannot be physically available, we would love for you to give us your time.

Help with ideation 💡

We are always looking for new ideas, fresh perspectives and meaningful ways to scale the work we do. If you have worked in similar capacities in a non-profit, we value any ideas, feedback and thoughts that would help us do better and do more.


As you know by now, we are a 100% donor-run organisation. We refrain from directly asking for donations but have been amazed at the continuous support received from family, friends, colleagues, and anonymous donors who believe in what we do. No amount is too little for us so thank you for all you do.


Community Meal Share Trust is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to share meals with underprivileged communities in Sri Lanka. To learn how you can support or volunteer write to us at

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