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Sitback S4 │ Ep 26 │ Shaq and Anu Sitback with Nadeeka Jayasinghe

As featured on PodHUB

🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: How is an economic crisis affecting people? | The Stream

As featured on Al Jazeera Segment

London’s Asian Dessert Collective Bakes Up a Storm for Sri Lankan Charity

As featured on Eater London

Eat Happy by Community Meal Share

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How Sri Lankans are adapting their lives to survive the crisis

As featured on The News Minute

Food Shortages in Sri Lanka:
A Conversation with Community Meal Share

As featured on SWANA  Region Radio

A pilot school meals programme to feed children in underprivileged areas

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A force of inspiration: Nadeeka Jayasinghe

As featured in The Morning

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