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Our Story

We are a family run charity that is working towards in bringing the community together by sharing meals during difficult times. By supporting each other at times of need, we  encourage and teach each other to exert the values of compassion and kindness towards our own neighbours and communities. We believe we can achieve great things if we stick together as a community and break the dependency on political parties and governments to help us survive.


Community Meal Share Trust is a team of people that aspire to bridge the gap between the privileged and underprivileged in Sri Lanka. We currently deliver warm, cooked meals to vulnerable communities to support them during these difficult times and we invite you to join us and make a difference. Along with our meals we bring a different set of values to the table during this period of much needed change.

We choose to deliver warm meals because we know that it has become a luxury for many Sri Lankans in the post-pandemic era. Our story also revolves around our personal journeys where we keep having to re-learn the art of giving and we hope that we can spread to our neighbours and communities.

What We do

We invite and encourage anyone to contact us and provide us information about people that are in need of a meal.  Based on this information we move into that community to support them with meals on a regular basis.

We also collaborate with restaurants and hotels, and we deliver their food using our volunteers. We are rolling out stationary kitchens in several locations and will soon publish information on locations and operating hours.

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